Sentence Examples with the word Equalling

The tyranny was succeeded by an oligarchy based upon a graduated money qualification, which ruled with a consistency equalling that of the Venetian Council, but pursued a policy too purely commercial to the neglect of military efficiency.

This spider belongs to the family Lycosidae, and has numerous allies, equalling or surpassing it in size, in various parts of the world, the genus Lycosa being almost cosmopolitan in distribution.

Cantiaca - named from the place of its discovery, though it has long since ceased to inhabit that neighbourhood - is the largest of the British species, equalling in size the smaller gulls and having a dark-coloured bill tipped with yellow, and dark legs.

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Muller, p. 239) that pilae and effigies viriles et muliebres made of wool were hung at the crossroads to the Lares, the number of pilae equalling that of the slaves of the family, the effigies that of the children; the purpose being to induce the Lares to spare the living, and to be content with the pilae and images.

The manufacture of steel, though in its infancy, gave promise of equalling that of iron, and the coke industry is also of growing importance, the product of Alabama during the five years from 1896 to 1901 showing a greater increase, relatively, than that of the other states.

In the slope above the town was hewn a theatre equalling that of Athens in size.

The oke, equalling 2.8 lb avoirdupois, and the donum, about 4 of an acre, are the chief units.

The mainstay of the Ottoman dynasty is the Asiatic portion of the empire, where the Mahommedan religion is absolutely predominant, and where the naturally vigorous and robust Turki race forms in Asia Minor a compact mass of many millions, far outnumbering any other single ethnical element and probably equalling all taken collectively.

Thus Agrippa became one of the greatest princes of the east, the territory he possessed equalling in extent that held by Herod the Great.

The production of copper in 1883 was 341,885 lb; in 1890, 1,006,636 lb; in 1895, 2,184,708 lb; in 1900, 18, 354,7 26 ib; in 1904, 4 6, 4 1 7, 2 34 ib; in 1907, 64,256,884 ib; and in 1908, 81,843,812 lb.2 Third in value (less than copper or silver) in 1908, but usually equalling silver in value, was the state's output of lead.