Sentence Examples with the word Epitomes

For the life of Marius the original sources are numerous passages in Cicero's works, Sallust's Jugurtha, the epitomes of the lost books of Livy, Plutarch's Lives of Sulla and Marius, Velleius Paterculus, Florus and Appian's Bellum civile.

See Plutarch's Lucullus; Appian's Mithridatic War; the epitomes of the lost books of Livy; and many passages in Cicero.

But our knowledge of their contents is chiefly derived from the so-called periochae or epitomes, of which we have fortunately a nearly complete series, the epitomes of books cxxxvi.

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Churches now became, in form and decoration, epitomes of the Christian scheme of salvation as the middle ages understood it.

These epitomes have been ascribed without sufficient reason to Florus (2nd century); but, though they are probably of even later date, and are disappointingly meagre, they may be taken as giving, so far as they go, a fairly authentic description of the original.

This prolix composition, one of a class which at that time was much in vogue - metrical epitomes of the facts of science - contains in about five thousand lines, illustrated by voluminous notes, a compendium of astronomy.

It is probable that Obsequens, Cassiodorus and the compiler of the epitomes did not use the original work but an abridgment.

We learn much more about the Stoic system from the scanty fragments of the first founders, 4 or even from the epitomes of Diogenes Laertius and Stobaeus, than from these writers.

The work itself is lost, but several epitomes of it have been preserved.

Finally, from the 4th century the epitomes of Eutropius and Festus served to satisfy the lessening curiosity in the past and became the handbooks for the middle ages.