Sentence Examples with the word Epithelial

H, Epithelial cells filled with pigment.

Schulze.) elements, more especially by nervous (ganglion) cells and musclecells derived from the epithelial layer.

The same inter-communication prevails between adjacent cells in some animal tissues, and more particularly in those which are pathological, as in the case of the epithelial cells of cancer.

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By mucoid is understood a soft gelatinous substance containing mucin, or pseudomucin, which is normally secreted by the epithelial cells of both the mucous membranes and glands.

About the fifth week of human embryonic life the tunica albuginea appears in the male, from which septa grow to divide the testis into lobules, while the epithelial cords form the seminiferous tubes, though these do not gain a lumen until just before puberty.

It consists of two regions, an external epithelial layer and a more internal sub-epithelial layer.

The Fallopian tubes, like many other tubes in the body, are made chiefly of unstriped muscle, the outer layer of which is longitudinal and the inner circular; deep to this are the submucous and mucous coats, the latter being lined with ciliated epithelium '(see' Epithelial Tissues), and thrown into longitudinal pleats.

Serous degeneration is met with in epithelial cells in inflammatory conditions and following on burns.

Deep to these is the ovarian stroma, composed of fibrous tissue, and embedded in it are numerous nests of epithelial cells, the Graafian follicles, in various stages of development.

The ovaries are epithelial sacs which open into the uteri.