Sentence Examples with the word Epipodial

Margarita, five to seven pairs of epipodial cirri with a pigment spot at base of each.

In the Amphipoda, the gills though arising from the inner side of the bases of the thoracic legs are probably also epipodial in nature.

Nacella, epipodial tentacles present.

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Foot divided into two, posterior half bearing the operculum; a wide epipodial velum; shell turbinated.

Gibbula, with jaws, three pairs of epipodial cirri without pigment spots at their bases, British.

Ep, epipodial outgrowths.

The first is flaccid and sluggish in its movements, and has not much power of contraction; its epipodial lobes are enormously developed and extend far forward along the body; it gives out when handled an abundance of purple liquid, which is derived from cutaneous glands situated on the under side of the free edge of the mantle.

An epipodial ridge on each side of the foot and cephalic expansions between the tentacles often present.

Shell spirally coiled; epipodial tentacles present; operculum thick and calcareous.

Patella, pallial branchiae forming a complete circle, no epipodial tentacles, British.