Sentence Examples with the word Epigraphic

An abundance of epigraphic evidence testifies to the devotion of rich and poor alike.

And is the true demotic. Before the Macedonian conquest the cursive ligatures of the old de1notic gave birth to new symbols which were carefully and distinctly formed, and a little later an epigraphic variety was engraved on stone, as in the case of the Rosetta stone itself.

HieroglyphicThe main division is into monumental or epigraphic nieroglyphs and written hieroglyphs.

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It is now well established by epigraphic evidence (Bull.

Of the epigraphic collection of the Cat.

Bathgen's Beitriige zur semitischen Religionsgeschichte (1888) is most useful, and contains valuable epigraphic material.

All that can be said is that both archaeological and epigraphic evidence indicates that no very long interval separated the empire of the Semitic kings of Agade from that of the kings of Sumer and Akkad, whose rule was inaugurated by the founding of the Dynasty of Ur.1 To use caution in accepting the chronological notices of the later kings is very far removed from suggesting emendations of their figures.

But the epigraphic wealth of Palmyra was first opened to study by the collections of Waddington (vol.

The latter is based on Busolt's monograph and includes subsequent epigraphic evidence, with a full list of authorities.

Are obsolete owing partly to the immense accumulations of epigraphic and archaeological research, partly to the subsequent discovery of the Aristotelian Constitution of Athens, and partly also to the more careful weighing of evidence which Grote himself misinterpreted.