Sentence Examples with the word Epidemic

In 1733-1734 there was a dreadful epidemic of smallpox, which destroyed a great number of the people.

Their number does not much exceed 40,000, which is being steadily reduced by drunkenness and epidemic diseases.

Thus he came to the conclusion that the malady had been inherent in many successive generations of the silkworm, and that the epidemic condition was only an exaggeration of a normal state brought about by the method of cultivation and production of graine pursued.

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The earliest writers upon cholera emphasized its remarkable preference for particular places; and the history of each successive epidemic implies, besides an importation of the contagion, certain local conditions which may be either general sanitary defects or peculiarities of climate and soil.

The country is naturally very healthful, as evidence of which may be mentioned that no great epidemic has ever visited the state.

In the first place the 15th and 16th centuries were notable for the outbreak of certain epidemic diseases, which were unknown to the old physicians.

After the cholera epidemic of 1853, which carried off more than 4000 of the inhabitants, the medical association built several ranges of workmen's houses, and their example was followed by various private capitalists, among whom may be mentioned the Classen trustees, whose buildings occupy an open site on the western outskirts of the city.

In that year, and again in 1834, a cholera epidemic caused considerable loss of life.

Horsesickness, a kind of malarial fever, which takes an epidemic form in very wet seasons, causes considerable loss.

The industrial and commercial progress of Cartagena was much hindered, during the first half of the 19th century, by the prevalence of epidemic diseases, the abandonment of the arsenal, and rivalry with the neighbouring port of Alicante.