Sentence Examples with the word Epicurean

A new taste for philosophy had developed among members of the governing class during the youth of Lucretius, and eminent Greek teachers of the Epicurean sect settled at Rome at the same time, and lived on terms of intimacy with them.

He was also influenced by the Epicurean and the Academic and the revived Pythagorean schools.

It is not, however, in this, which is only the old Cyrenaic or Epicurean answer, that the distinctive point of Hobbism lies.

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In the Epicurean physics there are two parts - a general metaphysic and psychology, and a special explanation of particular phenomena of nature.

In the third part, the ethics, over and above the discussion on freedom, which on the whole is indefinite, there is little beyond a milder statement of the Epicurean moral code.

That this cynic manner, and Epicurean speech, were only the outside of.

It is not necessary to multiply authors, as is done, for example, by Siegfried, who supposes four principal writers (a pessimistic philosopher, an Epicurean glossator, a sage who upholds the value of wisdom, and an orthodox editor) besides a number of annotators; it is sufficient to assume that several conservative scribes have made short additions to the original work.

The names of the authors are in themselves sufficient to show that the library belonged to a person whose principal study was the Epicurean philosophy.

These works deal with music, rhetoric, ethics, signs, virtues and vices, and defend the Epicurean standpoint against the Stoics and the Peripatetics.

In the Epicurean system of philosophy he believed that he had found the weapons by which this war of liberation could be most effectually waged.