Sentence Examples with the word Ep

Forests.In relation to its total extent, France presents D ai but a very limited area of forest land, amounting to only ep 36,700 sq.

Apart from the possible existence of an ocular ep FIG.3.

Median intervocalic f gives v (Estve, S t ep h an u s); it has disappeared from p r 0 f u n d u s, which yielded the form preon, then pregon (g being introduced to obviate the,hiatus).

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Possess a large amount of ep ., Proboscis.

The weight of the function is bipartite and consists of the two numbers Ep and Eq; the symbolic expression of the symmetric function is a partition into biparts (multiparts) of the bipartite (multipartite) number Ep, Eq.

Ior, Gothic aihos, aihous (?), Old Irish ech, Old Cambrian and Gaelic ep (as in Epona, the horse goddess), Lat.