Sentence Examples with the word Enunciated

Assoc. Report, 1885), in which he divides electrical theories enunciated during the 10th century into four classes, and summarizes the opinions and theories of A.

Thomsen and Berthelot independently enunciated a generalization (commonly known as Berthelot's Third Principle, or Principle of Maximum Work), which may be stated in brief as follows: - Every pure chemical reaction is accompanied by evolution of heat.

An alternative procedure is to adopt the principle first formally enunciated by J.

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Lastly, Archimedes is credited with the famous Cattle-Problem enunciated in the epigram edited by G.

Economics is therefore, on the whole, an intensely conservative science, in which new truths are cautiously admitted or incorporated merely as extensions or qualifications of those enunciated by previous writers.

A very different theory was enunciated by E.

The principle that the refrangibility of light is altered by endon motion was enunciated by Christian Doppler of Prague in 1842.

Yet these principles were unacknowledged at that time and were first enunciated in acts such as the 4 Geo.

He led the movement for a reform of the Empire and the opposition to the papal encroachments, supporting the theory of church government enunciated at Constance and Basel and condemned in Pius II.'s bull Execrabilis.

The hydrogen theory and the doctrine of polybasicity as enunciated by Liebig is the fundamental characteristic of the modern theory.