Sentence Examples with the word Entreated

All by his own request, also, biscuits were then ranged round the sides within: a flask of fresh water was placed at the head, and a small bag of woody earth scraped up in the hold at the foot; and a piece of sail-cloth being rolled up for a pillow, Queequeg now entreated to be lifted into his final bed, that he might make trial of its comforts, if any it had.

When he was condemned to death by Nero, she would have imitated her mother's example, but was dissuaded by her husband, who entreated her to live for the sake of their children.

For three days the representative of the Caesars entreated to be admitted into the popes presence.

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In this festival Pales was invoked to grant protection and increase to flocks and herds; the shepherds entreated forgiveness for any unintentional profanation of holy places of which their flocks might have been guilty, and leaped three times across bonfires of hay and straw (Ovid, Fasti, iv.

When her overtures were rejected, she embraced him and entreated the gods that she might be for ever united with him.

He was present when the latter subject was introduced, and he entreated the fathers to study the subject well before committing themselves to a decision.

His sister in her last days had entreated him not to give up his candidature for the chair of Hebrew, and on the 11th of January 1862 the Minister of Public Instruction ratified Renan's election to the post.

He himself at Antioch was entreated by the people to assume the Seleucid diadem, but he declined and installed Demetrius as king.

Finding himself in danger of starvation, even his food and drink being changed by his touch, Midas entreated Dionysus to take back the gift.

Ermolov had been to see Bennigsen a few days previously and had entreated him to use his influence with the commander-in-chief to induce him to take the offensive.