Sentence Examples with the word Enteric

Ae, Arch-enteron or cavity lined by the enteric cell-layer or endoderm.

Smallpox is endemic in the Chinese city during the autumn and winter, and enteric is common in the autumn.

Ent, Canal of the enteric system oc, Ectodermal pigment (ocel- T, Tentaculocyst.

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Ep, Ectoderm; hy, endoderm; al, enteric cavity.

Arch-enteron or cavity lined by the enteric cell-layer or endo derm.

En, Endoderm lining the enteric cavity.

Some plagues, such as typhus fever, have been dispelled; others, such as enteric fever, have been almost banished from large areas; and there is much reason to hope that cholera and plague, if introduced, could not get a footing in western Europe, or in any case could be combated on scientific principles, and greatly reduced.

The cleavage of the original en, Endoderm or enteric cell layer.

Again, many facts in the occurrence and diffusion of enteric fever point to an intimate connexion between its origin and certain conditions of locality.

The transparent prolonged into the four long tissues allow the enteric cavities and oral arms, perradial in position.