Sentence Examples with the word Entails

The administration of Greenland entails an annual loss which is posted on the budget of the ministry of finances.

The last measure prevents the germination of the spores of the fungus on the leaves, and is a most useful mode of checking the spread of the disease; to be successful in its use, however, entails care in the preparation of the spray and thoroughness in its application.

In the spirit of his age he denounced the relics of medieval institutions, such as entails and tenures in mortmain.

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The use of soft water entails a disadvantage of another character - that of corroding iron and lead work, soft water exercising a very vigorous chemical action FIG.

An Act passed in 1770, which relaxed the rigour of strict entails and afforded power to landlords to grant leases and otherwise improve their estates, had a beneficial effect on Scottish agriculture.

This is an expensive operation as it entails the cost of pumping the water out again and repairing the resulting damage.

Of course there is in most cases the alternative of a fine, the non-payment of which entails the imprisonment; yet a penalty imposed on the pocket is so clearly the proper retribution for such misdeeds that better methods should be devised for the collection of fines.

The Order, however, which the would-be ascetic can enter by regular initiation, when he is twenty years of age, entails a discipline much more severe.

Failure to give information of death, or to comply with the registrar's requisitions, entails a penalty not exceeding forty shillings, and making false statements or certificates, or forging or falsifying them, is punishable either summarily within six months, or on indictment within three years of the offence.

The very large mass of detail collected at these inquiries entails an unusually long time spent in compilation; the statistics of population, accordingly, are available considerably in advance of those relating to production and industries.