Sentence Examples with the word Entailing

In their eyes, as Charles had taken both Covenants, he was bound to remain a Presbyterian and to establish Presbyterianism in England, a thing impossible and entailing civil war in the attempt.

In penal cases its jurisdiction extends to all offences of the class known as dClitsoffences punishable by a more serious penalty than the contraventions dealt with by the juge de paix, but not entailing such heavy penalties as the code applies to crimes, with which the assize courts (see below) deal.

A school of commerce was founded in 1759; in 1760 the censorship of books was transferred from an ecclesiastical to a lay tribunal; in 1761 the former Jesuit college in Lisbon was converted into a college for the sons of noblemen; in 1768 a royal printing-press was established; in 1772 Pombal provided for a complete system of primary and secondary education, entailing the foundation of 837 schools.

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Olivares did not share the king's taste for art and literature, but he formed a vast collection of state papers, ancient and contemporary, which he endeavoured to protect from destruction by entailing them as an heirloom.

Money bills may originate in either house, but at the final vote on such a bill in either house three-fifths of the members elected to that house must be present and the yeas and nays must be recorded; bills entailing appropriations for local or private purposes must receive a two-thirds majority to pass.

Made him ban of SzOreny, the district lying between the Aluta and the Danube, a most dangerous dignity entailing constant warfare.'with the Turks.

Like the Cavour canal, the Villoresi is taken across the drainage of the country, entailing a number of very bold and costly works.

He held that England's according the rights of belligerents to the Confederate states had doubled the duration of the war, entailing inestimable loss.

The native contracts with the wife gave to her child all the husbands property, and divorce or separation was provided for, entailing forfeiture of the dowry.

Second The former contains the clause De Donis Condi- Statute of tionalibus, a notable landmark in the history of English Westlaw, since it favored the system of entailing estates.