Sentence Examples with the word Enos

Indeed, as has been seen, they appropriate the entire personale of the Bible from Adam, Seth, Abel, Enos and Pharaoh to Jesus and John, a phenomenon which bears witness to the close relations of the Mandaean doctrine both with Judaism and Christianity - not the less close because they were relations of hostility.

As Enos is a Hebrew word for man, it is probably derived from a tradition in which Enos was the first man.

In 1889 the Greek archbishopric of Enos was transferred to Dedeagatch.

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The Treaty provided for the cession by Turkey to the allied Balkan sovereigns of all European Turkey west of the line Enos - Midia, but excluding Albania; for the delimitation of Albania's frontiers by the Great Powers; for the cession of Crete to Greece; and for the destination of other;Turkish islands being left to the same Powers.

It is further said that after Enos was born, men began to worship Yahweh.