Sentence Examples with the word Enjoying

Obviously the purpose of the paragraph is to point out the wisdom of enjoying life in the time of youth while the physical powers are fresh and strong, and the impotency of old age has not yet crept in.

Kris knew the opposite to be true but said nothing, enjoying the moment of peace.

While back-country skiing was also popular, the ever constant danger of killing snow slides made marked trails a safer method of enjoying this vigorous sport.

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These very facts commended him to the more turbulent section of the baronage; if he succeeded to the whole of the Conquerors heritage they would have every opportunity of enjoying freedom from all governance.

In modern usage this term is loosely used for a personal ruler enjoying extraordinary and extra-constitutional power.

Propriety became trivial when one was drinking blood; and enjoying it.

She ran a hand across his forearm, enjoying the feel of his muscles.

There he continued his literary and scientific labours, enjoying congenial intercourse with such men as Matthew Boulton, James Keir, James Watt and Erasmus Darwin at the periodical dinners of the Lunar Society.

He was enjoying the sensation of her in his arms as much as he was there to comfort her.

He kissed her long and light, enjoying the sensations of her body as she became aroused.