Sentence Examples with the word Engulfed

It was the Revolution, which at one moment seemed finally to have engulfed the papacy, which in fact preserved it; Febronianism, as a force to be seriously reckoned with, perished in the downfall of the ecclesiastical principalities of the old Empire; Gallicanism perished with the constitutional Church in France, and its principles fell into discredit with a generation which associated it with the Revolution and its excesses.

She rested one hand on his upper arm and surrendered her other to a hand that engulfed hers.

His big hand engulfed hers gently, yet his grip was strong.

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He sighed contentedly as her warmth engulfed him.

The darkness immediately engulfed them and they paused a dozen baby steps into the tunnel to allow their eyes to become accustomed to the blackness.

Yzendyke represents a Hanse town which flourished in the 13th century and was gradually engulfed by the sea.

Blackness engulfed them on every side, and in breathless silence they waited for the fall to end and crush them against jagged rocks or for the earth to close in on them again and bury them forever in its dreadful depths.

For a moment a pang of homesickness engulfed her.

Within a quarter of an hour after a quantity of cinnabar has been injected into the blood of the frog nearly every particle will be found engulfed by the protoplasm of the leucocytes of the circulating blood.

She gurgled and choked, engulfed in terror.