Sentence Examples with the word Englishmen

Here, till far on into the 1 9 th century, the Englishmen could watch the natives striking off flakes of stone, trimming them to convenient shape for grasping them in the hand, and edging; them by taking off successive chips on one face only.

Medieval Englishmen were particularly apt to put their aspirations into a legal form, and then rest satisfied with their achievement.

The arrogant spirit of Englishmen made them comtemptuous towards the colonists, and the desire to thrust taxation upon others than themselves made the new colonial legislation popular.

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Bishop Stubbs belongs to the front rank of historical scholars both as an author and a critic. Among Englishmen at least he excels all others as a master of every department of the historian's work, from the discovery of materials to the elaboration of wellfounded theories and literary production.

Christie fell bravely fighting at the head of his brigade; Lindsay saved two of his nine guns; but neither of the two Englishmen was responsible for the disaster.

But for us the most interesting fact is the first appearance of Englishmen as authors of medical works having a European reputation, distinguished, according to the testimony of Haser, by a practical tendency characteristic - of the British race, and fostered in the school of Montpellier.

The whole circumstances of the conquest of England constrained the conquerors to become Englishmen in order to establish themselves in the conquered land.

When Simon turned the native Welsh prince Llewelyn against the marcher barops, he gave great offence; he was accused of sacrificing Englishmen to a foreign enemy.

There was nothing in the Reformation to appeal to him, except the repudiation of papal control; and he was one of those numerous Englishmen whose views were faithfully reflected in the Six Articles.

My friends have told me about your great and magnificent city, and I have read a great deal that wise Englishmen have written.