Sentence Examples with the word Engineered

Intrigues engineered against him caused him to resign this position in 1677, and for a time he lectured on chemistry at Annaberg and Wittenberg.

She had no micro, no genetically engineered body or weapons to fight off anything that came at them.

They were all over six feet, all engineered for power, agility, and endurance.

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Assuming it was some sort of uncivilized training exercise engineered by the half-breed in charge of the Council, he was nonetheless stopped from enjoying his first tea since returning from Hell.

In Africa, most genetically engineered crops that could grow well there are not welcome.

The special ops specialist was fearless, genetically engineered to kill, and as lethally trained as any of his men.

The occasion for war was engineered entirely by Bismarck; and it is doubtful how far Moltke was in Bismarck's confidence, though as a far-seeing general he took advantage of every opening which the latter's diplomacy secured for him.

From that moment began new plots for the escape of the prisoners from the Temple, the chief of which were engineered by the Chevalier de Jarjayes, 1 the baron de Batz, 2 and the faithful Lady Atkyns.

On the 8th of March a coup d'etat, engineered by a party of her personal friends, overthrew the supreme privy council and she was hailed as autocrat.

The Khawak, at the head of the Panjshir tributary of the Kabul river, leading straight from Badakshan to Charikar and the city of Kabul, is now an excellent kafila route, the road having been engineered under the amir Abdur Rahman's direction, and it is said to be available for traffic throughout the year.