Sentence Examples with the word Energies

All his energies were now directed to securing food and vessels for its transportation and to directing its distribution in Belgium.

But Philip's whole thoughts and energies were already directed to the preparation of an Invincible Armada for the conquest of England, and Parma was ordered to collect an enormous flotilla of transports and to keep his army concentrated and trained for the projected invasion of the island realm of Queen Elizabeth.

Which asserts that when no extraneous forces act the sum of the kinetic and potential energies is constant.

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He has the same imperturbable and persuasive effrontery in protesting that he is doing one thing at the moment when his energies are concentrated on doing the opposite.

But the emperors were not merely absent, they had to engage in struggles in which they exhausted the energies necessary to enforce obedience at home; and, in order to obtain help, they were sometimes glad to concede advantages to which, under other conditions, they would have tenaciously clung.

He voted consistently on the Radical side, but his chief energies were devoted to promoting the cause of Italian unity.

He taught at the lycee Charlemagne in 1853, and in the school of architecture 1865-1871, but his energies were mainly devoted to various scientific missions entrusted to him.

Louis, who was sick with fever, withdrew to his ancestral home, Dillenburg, to recruit his health, and then once more to devote his energies to the raising of money and troops for another invasion of the Netherlands.

She thought one might be Jule, but the energies faded in and out too quickly to tell.

These events, which produced much excitement in Greece, quickened the energies of the powers.