Sentence Examples with the word Enemies

Passers-by jeered at the fallen city; and all her enemies triumphed over her (verses 10-17).

Cannibalism was almost universal, either in the case of enemies killed in battle or when animal food was scarce.

I've eliminated innumerable enemies of yours the past few years.

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Returning to Germany in March 1212, Otto made some headway against his enemies until the arrival of Frederick towards the close of the year.

The totally unexpected AngloPrussian alliance had justified the arguments of his enemies that England was impossible, while his hatred of France prevented him from adopting the only alternative of an alliance with her.

Nor did age lessen his energy, for in 1550, when eighty-four years old, he again put to sea to punish the raids of his old enemies the Barbary pirates, but with.

But this was not corn, and so it was safe from such enemies as he.

The attacks were too powerful for the capabilities of our enemies alone.

As a matter of fact Lancaster was a more honest man than his enemies suspected; he hastened to acknowledge his little nephews rights, acknowledged him as prince of Wales, and introduced him as his grandfathers heir before the parliament of January 1377.

In his solitude he had ample leisure for forming schemes of missionary enterprise among Persians and Goths, and by his correspondence with the different churches he at once baffled his enemies and gave greater energy to his friends.