Sentence Examples with the word Endured

His circumstances were then less evil, after struggles as severe as those endured in Paris.

You see, though I trust Aldo Benitez with my life, for good reason, he has endured a somewhat checkered past.

He stands in history as a bloodthirsty monster, yet in judging him one must remember the persecutions he endured and the terrible disease from which he suffered.

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Amid jokes about his skill with a knife, they shared bites and endured more pictures.

The established rule of Carthage in western Sicily was now something that could well be endured alongside of the robber commonwealth at Messana.

It is dangerous to prophesy, but all the facts and circumstances before us point irresistibly to the conclusion that had the Jagiellonic dynasty but endured this promise of empire might well have been realized.

The friendship, however, endured for the twenty-three years which yet remained of Tait's life.

It endured another siege in 1849, when it resisted successfully the attacks of a Hungarian revolutionary army.

Around 430 BC, Athens, embroiled in the Second Peloponnesian War, endured three years of epidemics that wiped out a third of its inhabitants.

He tried to prove to the Emperor the impossibility of levying fresh troops, spoke of the hardships already endured by the people, of the possibility of failure and so forth.