Sentence Examples with the word Endowing

But in our own age conscious statecraft is also at work, as in Canada, where the genius of statesmen is gradually endowing that dominion with all the attributes of independence and power.

Their numbers were falling off, their zeal was gone; there is little good to be said of them save that they were still in some cases endowing England with splendid architectural decorations.

Much good work was done by the Republicans during their brief tenure of power,but it soon came to an endowing to the course of events which favored a reaction against France.

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Towards the close of the 18th century Mr Hugh Boyd, obtaining the estate, devoted himself to the extension and improvement of the town, establishing manufactures, endowing charities and building churches; and succeeded in producing a temporary vitality.

He persevered, however, in the task which he had set hithself, and introduced a measure endowing Ireland with a parliament, and excluding the Irish members from Westminster.

In thus endowing all matter with sensation like Haeckel he was not avoiding materialism.

He spent large sums upon new buildings and in endowing the monks, and in his endeavour to relieve the pressure of taxation disorganized the finances of the state.

She completed the foundation of Christ's College, Cambridge, and after her death, in accordance with her wishes, much of her wealth was devoted to building and endowing St John's College in the same university.

Here he was opposed by Adam Loftus, archbishop of Dublin and chancellor, who had expressed his anxiety for a college, but had no idea of endowing it at his own expense.

Jesus was the offspring of Joseph and Mary, and on him at the baptism descended the Christ,' revealing the hitherto unknown Father, and endowing him with miraculous power.