Sentence Examples with the word Endothelial

Heart and blood-vessels are entirely absent; the blood is contained in sinuses which have no distinct walls or endothelial lining, and the principal of which are the perianal, the pedal, the visceral and the pallial.

Heidenhain, on the other hand, rejected entirely the filtration view of lymph-formation, believing that the passage of lymph across the capillary wall is a true secretion brought about by the secretory function of the endothelial plates.

Melanine particles formed in the spleen in malaria, which pass along with the blood through the liver, are appropriated by the endothelial cells of the hepatic capillaries, and are found embedded within their substance.

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There is further a great tendency for the endothelial cells to form muscles, and this is especially pronounced in the small arm-sinus, where a conspicuous muscle is built up. The mantle-sinuses which form the chief spaces in the mantle are diverticula of the main coelomic cavity.

Some of the endothelial cells lining the coelom are ciliated, the cilia keeping the corpusculated fluid contents in movement.

Others of the endothelial cells show a great tendency to form muscle fibres.

The labial tentacles and walls of the gut - very fine vessels with endothelial cell-lining are found.

The arteries and veins have proper endothelial walls; they pass abruptly into the sinuses and in some cases communication is effected by orifices in the walls of the vessels, as for example in the vena cava of Nautilus.