Sentence Examples with the word Endorsed

First, Koheleth is endorsed as an industrious, discriminating and instructive writer.

This measure, which was endorsed by the third Duma in an act passed on the 21st of December 1908, is calculated to have far-reaching and profound effects upon the rural economy of Russia.

It is clear that the government endorsed Mr Crawford's views.

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After the outbreak of the World War he endorsed the Administration's peace policy, supported the League to Enforce Peace, and urged that the national guard be tried fully before compulsory service be decided upon.

Every British mercantile ship, not carrying passengers, on entering a port gives into the custody of the consul to be endorsed by him the seamen's agreement, the certificate of registry, and the official log-book; a failure to do this is reported to the registrar-general of seamen.

In 1876 the Greenback Party, the successor in Illinois of the Independent Reform Party, secured a strong following; although its candidate for governor was endorsed by the Democrats, the Republicans regained control of the state administration.

But, broadly speaking, the judgment of the early Church has been endorsed by that of after ages Harnack raises an interesting question (Reden u.

The authors who have adopted Borelli's plan of artificial wing, and who have endorsed his mechanical views of the wing's action most fully, are J.

He thus endorsed the contention of the colonists on the ground of principle, while the majority of those who acted with him contented themselves with resisting the disastrous taxation scheme on the ground of expediency.

This platform was endorsed by conventions in Florida and Virginia and by the legislatures of Georgia and Alabama.