Sentence Examples with the word Endodermal

The medusoids have no true velum; in some cases a structure more or less resembling this organ, termed a velarium, is present, permeated by endodermal canals.

The mass of the arch-enteron or invaginated endodermal sac has taken on a bilobed form, and its cells are swollen (gs and tge).

Ea c h cordylus is a tentacle-like structure with an endodermal axis containing an axial cavity which may be continuous with the ring-canal, or may be partially occluded.

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N.c, Nerve-cushion; of the ring-canal, but end, endodermal concrement-cells; con, later becomes separated otolith.

Two kinds of cells - (I) end, Endodermal concrement-cells.

Con, Endodermal concretion continued into the tentacuthe hood.

Medusae with sense-organs represented by otocysts derived from modified tentacles (tentaculocysts), containing otoliths of endodermal origin, and innervated from the ex-umbral nerve-ring.

Their ectodermal muscles are mainly longitudinal, their endodermal muscles are circularly arranged on the body-wall.

Both these medusae have sense-organs of a peculiar type, which are said to contain an endodermal axis like the sense-organs of Trachylinae, but the fact has recently been called in question for FIG.

The Malpighian tubes of Hexapods are outgrowths of the proctodaeum, but those of Scorpion and the Amphipod Crustacea are part of the metenteron or endodermal gut, though originating near its junction with the proctodaeum.