Sentence Examples with the word Endeared

That she endeared herself to the public. Partly, no doubt, her popularity was due to the disgust inspired by her rival, Louise de Keroualle, duchess of Portsmouth, and to the fact that, while the Frenchwoman was a Catholic, she was a Protestant.

In military matters Hadrian was a strict disciplinarian, but his generosity and readiness to share their hardships endeared him to the soldiers.

Marie Antoinette soon won the affection and confidence of the dauphin and endeared herself to the king, but her position was precarious, and both Mercy and Maria Theresa had continually to urge her to conquer her violent dislike for the favourite and try to conciliate her.

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Gaston Paris endeared himself to a wide circle of scholars outside his own country by his unfailing urbanity and generosity.

By his mildness of temper and unswerving rectitude, he so endeared himself to the English that he was looked upon and desired as the natural successor to Lanfranc, then archbishop of Canterbury.

The talents and energy with which he was endowed had endeared him to the people, and great hopes were founded on his accession.

By their labours in the education of the youth of the nation, these rabbis, Judas and Matthias, had endeared themselves to the populace and had gained influence over their disciples.

The simplicity of the Emperor's personal life, and the concern he had always displayed for the welfare of his subjects, had endeared him to his people.

In 1824 he received the comparatively small post of governor of Malta, in which island he introduced many reforms and endeared himself to the inhabitants.

Her efforts greatly endeared her to those among whom she worked, and after her death a memorial window was erected in the parish church, and a marble portrait statue by F.