Sentence Examples with the word Encompassed

As a contrast the Lake of Atitlan (q.v.) is a land-locked basin encompassed with lofty mountains.

Harassed by severe bodily ailments, encompassed by a raging tumult of religious conflict and persecution, and aware that the faint hopes of better times which seemed to gild the horizon of the future might be utterly darkened by a failure either in the constancy of his courage or in his discernment and discretion, he exerted his eloquence with unabating energy in the furtherance of the cause he had at heart.

The savage who finds himself encompassed by taboos which he dare not break, lives up to his religion with a faithfulness which many professing Christians fail to reach.

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On entering Palestine it is allotted a portion encompassed by the districts of Ephraim, Dan and Judah.

Griefs and anxieties encompassed the queen during the last year of her life.

Our work schedule encompassed five intense days, Monday through Friday.

The town is encompassed by a high wall ruined in many places, and has four gates.

The vegetation of the small and narrow islands, all encompassed by the sea, is very luxuriant, and the products, principally nutmegs, mace, and other spices, include also rice and sago.

Ranking during the early centuries of its existence as one of the greatest cities of Islam, Marrakesh has long been in a state of grievous decay, but it is rendered attractive by the exceptional beauty of its situation, the luxuriant groves and gardens by which it is encompassed and interspersed, and the magnificent outlook which it enjoys towards the mountains.

It is built on an open plain, and is encompassed by a wall 11 m.