Sentence Examples with the word Empties

The southern basin of Chad is described under the Shari, which empties its waters into the lake about the middle of the southern shore, forming a delta of considerable extent.

From the point where that river empties itself into the estuary of the Yangtsze-kiang.

The principal rivers of the province are: (I) The Siang-kiang, which takes its rise in the Nan-shan, and empties into the Tung-t'ing lake; it is navigable for a great distance from its mouth, and the area of its basin is 39,000 sq.

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The largest is that of the Tuira (formerly called Rio Darien), whose headwaters are near the Caribbean and which empties into the Pacific in the Gulf of San Miguel.

The former takes its rise in Mongolia, and after running an easterly course for about 400 m., turns S.W., and empties into the Gulf of Liao-tung, in the neighbourhood of Ying-tsze, up to which town, 20 m.

The great plains are traversed by a few rivers, whose long and uncertain courses carry their waters to the river Murray, which empties itself into the Southern Ocean through the state of South Australia, and during 1250 m.

And this empties the decanter.

The line is double track and the rope constantly in motion, the cars being attached at intervals through its length by clips or clutches; the loaded cars move in one direction, the empties in the other.

The township is traversed by the Wepowaug river, which here empties into the Sound.

Farther south the Umhlatuzi empties into a lagoon which communicates with the ocean by Richards Bay.