Sentence Examples with the word Empowered

And Henry IV., the right of ppropriating the supplies granted to special objects; and with ore difficulty they obtained, in 1666, the appointment of a commission empowered to investigate irregularities in the issue of moneys.

Thirteen censors chosen septennially were empowered to suggest amendments and to call a convention to pass upon them.

District councils are empowered to borrow with the sanction of the Local Government Board, subject to certain restrictions and Borrowing regulations.

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With her beside him, he felt empowered - capable of defeating a dynasty.

But by the treaty of Berlin (1878) Austria-Hungary was empowered to garrison the towns of Byelopolye, Priyepolye, Plevlye and other strategic points within the sanjak, although the entire civil administration remained in Turkish hands.

These laws are enforced by mine inspectors of the timber produces falls of ground, making necessary the excavawho are empowered to call upon the courts and other government tion and removal at times of hundreds of tons of heated rock and burning coal, in order to reach the fire.

Improvement was also stimulated by the Public Money Drainage Acts 1846-1856, under which government was empowered to advance money on certain conditions for the improvement of estates.

Lord Dufferin further advised the formation of a gendarmerie, which should be in a great measure a mounted force and empowered with a semi-military character (despatch of January 1st, 1883).

Local finance is regulated by the communal and provincial law of May 1898, which instituted provincial administrative juntas, empowered to examine and sanction the acts of the coin munal financial administrations.

The result was that a representative assembly of delegates was elected, empowered to draft a constitution.