Sentence Examples with the word Emmanuel

All who accepted the motto Unity, Independence and Victor Emmanuel were admitted into the society.

Hardly had he assumed office when the unexpected death of Victor Emmanuel II.

The rise of the Tiber and the flooding of Rome in December 1870 (tactfully used by Victor Emmanuel as an opportunity for a first visit to the new capital) illustrated the imperative necessity of reorganizing the drainage of the city and of constructing the Tiber embankment.

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Henrietta's daughter, Anne Marie (1669-1728), became the wife of Victor Amadeus II., duke of Savoy, afterwards king of Sardinia; her son was King Charles Emmanuel III., and her grandson Victor Amadeus III.

Humbert was succeeded by his only son, Victor Emmanuel III.

I I I Victor Emmanuel III., Emmanuel Philibert, Victor Emmanuel, Louis Amadeus, Humbert, king of Italy (b.

On this occasion Charles Emmanuel acquired Tortona and Novara.

Victor Emmanuel had married in 1842 Maria Adelaide, daughter of the archduke Rainer, who bore him several children, viz.

STEPHEN MARSHALL (c. 15941 655), English Nonconformist divine, was born at Godmanchester in Huntingdonshire, and was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge (M.A.

AMEDEO FERDINANDO MARIA DI SAVOIA, duke of Aosta (1845-1890), third son of Victor Emmanuel II., king of Italy, and of Adelaide, archduchess of Austria, was born at Turin on the 30th of May 1845.