Sentence Examples with the word Emma

While together they held Wessex for Hardicanute, the atheling iElfred, son of Emma by her former husband 'Ethelred II., landed in England in the hope of winning back his father's crown; but falling into the hands of Godwine, he and his followers were cruelly done to death.

After the king's death Emma became the wife of Canute the Great, and after his death in 1035 she struggled hard to secure England for her son, Hardicanute.

By Ethelred Emma had two sons, Edward the Confessor and the atheling Elfred (d.

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Across the ice, to seek help. He reached the shores of Siberia in 17 days, and travelling along the coast via Cape North, reached Emma Harbour, whence he crossed in a whaler to St.

She was educated at the Johnstown Academy and at the Troy Female Seminary (now the Emma Willard School), where she graduated in 1832.

The first newspaper, The 1 Emma Hart was born in Berlin, Connecticut, became a teacher in 1803, and in 1809 married Dr John Willard of Middlebury.

His first wife, by whom he had six children, died in 1806, and in 1814 he married his second wife, Emma Watkins, who long survived him, and who left voluminous manuscripts relating to his biography.

WILLIAM MORRIS (1834-1896), English poet and artist, third child and eldest, son of William Morris and Emma Shelton, was born at Elm House, Walthamstow, on the 24th of March 1834.

The crown was disputed between his two sons, the half-brothers Harold and Harthacnut; it was doubtful whether the birth of the elder prince was legitimate, and Queen Emma strove to get her own son Harthacnut preferred to him.

Having been left a widower on the 3rd of June 1877, he married on the 7th of January 1879 Adelheid Emma Wilhelmina Theresia, second daughter of Prince George Victor of Waldeck-Pyrmont, born on the 2nd of August 1858, and Wilhelmina was the only issue of that union.