Sentence Examples with the word Emil

See also Emil Silberstein, Conrad Pellicanus; ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Studiums der hebr.

If the striking conceptions of Paul Ehrlich and Emil Fischer continue to prove as fertile in inspiring and directing research as at present they seem to be, another wide sphere of.

Hering (Halle, 1888); Emil Gorigk, Bugenhagen and die Protestantisierung Pommerns (1895).

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In 1866-1867 he was chief editor of the Detroit Post and then became editor and joint proprietor with Emil Praetorius (1827-1905) of the Westliche Post of St Louis.

See Francis William Bain, Queen Christina of Sweden (London, 1890); Robert Nisbet Bain, Scandinavia (Cambridge, 1905); Christina de Suede et le Cardinal Azzolino (Paris, 1899); Claretta Gaudenzio, La Regina Christina de Suezia in Italia (Turin, 1892); Hans Emil Friis, Dronning Christina (Copenhagen, 1896); C. N.

Among lyrists who have attracted attention in their various fields are Oskar Levertin (1862-1906) and Emil Kleen (1868-1898).

Hoffmann (1769-1864), Hermann Hupfeld, Emil Rodiger (1801-1874), J.

Founded by Hofrath Dr Emil Peschel, it has passed into the possession of the city.

Irok elete es munkdi (an extensive biographical dictionary of Hungarian authors); Irodalom torteneti Kozlemenyek (a periodical edited by Aron Szilady, for the history of literature); Emil Reich, Hungarian Literature (London, 1898).

The publication of a complete collection by Emil Sehling was begun in 1902.