Sentence Examples with the word Emeute

It was he who proposed the law sequestrating the property of the emigres, and he took an important part in the emeute of the 10th of June 1792 and in the revolution of the 10th of August of the same year.

Babeuf's song Mourant de faim, mourant de froid (Dying of hunger, dying of cold), set to a popular air, began to be sung in the cafes, with immense applause; and reports were current that the disaffected troops in the camp of Grenelle were ready to join an emeute against the government.

In the heat of the emeute which followed she installed herself in the Hotel de Ville, and played the part of mediatrix between the opposed parties.

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Marching north with 36,000 men he entered Rome and forced Henry to retire, but an emeute of the citizens led to a three days' sack of the city (May 1084), after which Guiscard escorted the pope to Rome.

He signalized his accession to power by suppressing an emeute of orthodox Mussulman fanatics in Constantinople (Sept.

On the 31st of May he was one of the delegates from the Commune to the Convention demanding the dissolution of the Commission of Twelve and the proscription of the Girondists, and he was in command of the insurrectionary forces of the Commune during the emeute of the 2nd of June (see French Revolution).