Sentence Examples with the word Emetic

For this purpose the best emetic is apomorphine, which may be injected subcutaneously in a dose of about one-tenth of a grain.

Zeus grew up, administered an emetic to Cronus (some say Metis did this), and had the satisfaction of seeing all his brothers and sisters disgorged alive.

Martin Debreczeni was chiefly famed for his Kiovi csata (Battle of Kieff), published at Pest in 1854 after his death by Count Emetic Miko.

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On the other hand, recovery has taken place after 5 and to and even 20 grains have been swallowed, but in the latter case an emetic was at once administered.

Frequently this is sufficient; but if the stomach refuses to eject its objectionable contents, we may either give an emetic or wash it out by means of a stomach-pump or siphon.

The treatment is to wash out the stomach or give such an emetic as apomorphine, and, when the stomach has been emptied, to administer demulcents such as white of egg or mucilage.

Tartar emetic (antimony tartrate) when swallowed, acts directly on the wall of the stomach, producing vomiting, and after absorption continues this effect by its action on the medulla.

It dyes silk, wool and leather direct, and cotton after mordanting with tannin and tartar emetic (see Dyeing).

The sulphate is an excellent emetic in cases of poisoning, acting rapidly and without much nausea or depression.

But apomorphine is not always to be obtained, and even if it be administered it may fail, since the gastric wall is often paralysed in opium poisoning, so that no emetic can act.