Sentence Examples with the word Embarking

There was no precedent for large military forces, in close contact with a formidable enemy, embarking within easy artillery range of positions in the hands of the opposing side, and the most sanguine amongst high military authorities in the councils of the Entente feared that a withdrawal could not be carried out without incurring heavy losses.

He was entrusted with the duty of embarking the fugitives when the town was evacuated.

Of the lake and embarking on its northern side.

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I am only saying that politicians had better have good reasons for embarking on courses of action that impair consumerism.

The army was now thoroughly out of heart, and Demosthenes was for at once breaking up the camp, embarking the troops, and sailing back to Athens.

Caesar was soon joined by two legions from Gaul and marched rapidly down the Adriatic coast, overtaking Pompey at Brundisium (Brindisi), but failing to prevent him from embarking with his troops for the East, where the prestige of his name was greatest.

The news of his father's death reached Eric as he was on the point of embarking for England to press in person his suit for the hand of Queen Elizabeth.

Special inducements in the way of land grants were offered to persons embarking with the first governor.

By embarking on that venture the fleet gave the Turks sufficient warning of what was in store to ensure that, on the date on which Sir I.

But there was to be no embarking on a general scheme of reforms, which would increase unnecessarily the responsibilities of the protecting power and necessitate the indefnite prolongation of the military occupation.