Sentence Examples with the word Emanuel

The same may be said about that marvellous and many-sided genius, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), who, though the son of a Swedish poet, preferred to prophesy to the world in Latin.

Von Goerres's Emanuel Swedenborg, seine Visionen and sein Venceiltniss zur Kirche (1827); A.

In Savoy in 1572 it was merged by Gregory (at the instance of Emanuel Philibert, duke of Savoy) in the order of St Maurice (see Knighthood And Chivalry: Orders of Knighthood, Italy).

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Trobridge (London, 1907); also Emanuel Swedenborg, the Spiritual Columbus, a Sketch, by U.

Under the tolerant rule of Islam the Portuguese Jews rose to a height of wealth and culture unparalleled in Europe; they intermarried with the Christians both at this period and after their forced conversion by King Emanuel I.

Paris, not Antwerp, and lastly that Emanuel van Meteren being born in 1535 could only have derived his knowledge from hearsay, is inclined to think that the Bible in which J.

On the arrival of the news in Portugal, Emanuel invited Amerigo Vespucci to enter his service, and despatched him with three vessels to explore the country.

The upper town contains the hexagonal piazza, a citadel, erected in 1573 by Emanuel Philibert, the cathedral of S.

He was in the secret of the direct negotiations between Victor Emanuel and Napoleon III.

ALEXANDER EMANUEL AGASSIZ (1835-1910), American man of science, son of J.