Sentence Examples with the word Em

And A ultimo corrida de touros reaes em Salvaterra by Rebello da Silva, and Urn Anno na Corte by the statesman, Andrade Corvo, the first and the last superior books.

Then Dorothy found, with the aid of the enchanted picture, that Uncle Henry had returned to the farm in Kansas, and she also saw that both he and Aunt Em were dressed in mourning, because they thought their little niece had been killed by the earthquake.

In effect the fathers of the Armenian church often fell back into such language, far removed as it is from orthodoxy; and they em phasized the importance of thebaptismal feast of the Epiphany on the 6th of January by refusing to accept the feast of the physical birth of the 25th of December.

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Borchardt, Em altagyptisches astronomisches 1 nstrumentin Zeitschrzft fr agyptische Sprache, xxxvii.

Gama Barros and Costa Lobo followed closely in the footsteps of Herculano, the first by a Historia da Administragao publica em Portugal nos Seculos XII.

The adoption of the Roman liturgical dress had, however, at most an indirect connexion with these claims. Charlemagne was active in prescribing the adoption of the Roman use; but this was only as part of his general policy in the organization of his em pire.

The financial situation continued to be em iously embarrassing; deficit was piled on deficit, loan upon res fn, and the service of the debt rose from 9o,ooo,ooo lire in th 60 to 2?O,000,000 in 1864.

Victor Amadeus III Charles Em E manuel (d.

Coelho, Theoria da conjugacao em latim e portuguez (Lisbon, 1871), and Questoes da lingua portugueza (Oporto, 1874).

Da Gama Barros, Historia da administracao publica em Portugal nos seculos XII.