Sentence Examples with the word Elvira

The first church council which definitely forbade marriage to the higher clergy was the local Spanish synod of Elvira (A.D.

Pp. 131 sqq.); Dale, The Synod of Elvira (London, 1882); and Hennecke, in HerzogHauck, Realencyklopeidie (3rd ed.), s.v.

The latter, which form the local section, are further divided into several classes: firstly, the synods held under the Roman empire, the chief being that of Elvira 4 (c. 300); next the texts belonging to the kingdom of the Suevi, after the conversion of these barbarians by St Martin of Braga: these are, the two councils of Braga (563 and 572), and a sort of free translation or adaptation of the canons of the Greek councils, made by Martin of Braga; this is the document frequently quoted in later days under the name of Capitula Martini papae; thirdly, the decisions of the councils of the Visigothic Church, after its conversion to Catholicism.

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The 34t h canon of the synod of Elvira (305), which was contemporary with him, forbade candles to be lighted in cemeteries during the daytime, which points to an established custom as well as to an objection to it; and in the Roman catacombs lamps have been found of the 2nd and 3rd centuries which seem to have 2 J.

On this point the provincial synods of Illiberis (Elvira) in 305 and of Ancyra in 315 subsequently came to conflicting decisions, the council of Elvira forbidding the reception of offenders into communion during life, and the council of Ancyra fixing a limit to the penalty in the same cases.

From the synod at Elvira in the 4th century this process began, and it was continued in the West-Gothic Church legislation, in the Lateran councils (especially the fourth in 1215), and in the council of Trent (1563).

By Elvira of Castile, succeeded in 1154.

By his third wife, Elvira of Castile, was born in 1103, in the castle of Mont-Merin, Tripoli.

The Apostolical Constitutions, for instance, fix it at three years; 1 the synod of Elvira at two.

It was not, however, universal, and in the 48th canon of the synod of Elvira (A.D.