Sentence Examples with the word Elucidated

Of the two, 1 The closer connexion of these frescoes with contemporary history was first elucidated by Pastor, in his Geschichte der Pdpste, vol.

Gosse collected and described many species, and elucidated the structure of the mastax in 1856.

The development of the aquatic Pulmonata from the egg offers considerable facilities for study, and that of Limnaeus has been elucidated by E.

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With the intention of taking up pharmacy he entered Heidelberg University about 1835, and after graduating went to Giessen as preparateur to Liebig, with whom he elucidated the composition of paraldehyde and metaldehyde.

What I mean by these two statements may perhaps be respectively elucidated by the following examples.

He was the first to discover uranium, zirconium and titanium, and to characterize them as distinct elements, though he did not obtain any of them in the pure metallic state; and he elucidated the composition of numerous substances till then imperfectly known, including compounds of the then newly recognized elements: tellurium, strontium, cerium and chromium.

To the latter we are indebted for the substance of the following description, as well as for the 1 plan, reduced from his elucidated transcript of the original preserved in the archives of the convent.

The main facts of his career were finally elucidated by Eduard Dietrich in a series of articles contributed to C. W.

On the other hand, by the application of the principles he thus elucidated he furthered to an immense extent the employment of electricity for the purposes of daily life.

The most vivid account of Hamilton is in Mrs Gertrude Atherton's historical romance, The Conqueror (New York, 1902), for the writing of which the author made new investigations into the biographical details, and elucidated some points previously obscure; see also her A Few of Hamilton's Letters (1903).