Sentence Examples with the word Else

Well, I guess we were making everyone else feel uncomfortable.

Very well... feed on that lass, else I shall feed on this one, and I have no need to assure she survives, nor do I care.

He is represented either as a closely inshrouded figure whose protruding hands grasp a composite sceptre, the whole standing on a pedestal within a shrine; or else as a misshapen dwarf.

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Never mind there were only three hundred die-hard fans with nothing else to do in attendance for the end of the year outing of a last place team.

More than anything else in Pierre's story the captain was impressed by the fact that Pierre was very rich, had two mansions in Moscow, and that he had abandoned everything and not left the city, but remained there concealing his name and station.

Those conveniences which the student requires at Cambridge or elsewhere cost him or somebody else ten times as great a sacrifice of life as they would with proper management on both sides.

There's nothing else between you and me, except you accepting it.

The Supreme Court so held; its opinion, written by Chief Justice Marshall, being little else than a recital of Webster's argument.

A kind of seigniorial taille continued to exist besides the servile taille, but this kind presupposed a title, a contract between the taxable roturier and the lord, or else immemorial possession, which amounted to a title.

In bodily form Diptera present two main types, either, as in the case of the more primitive and generalized families, they are gnator midge-like in shape, with slender bodies and long, delicate legs, or else they exhibit a more or less distinct resemblance to the common house-fly, having compact and stoutly built bodies and legs of moderate length.