Sentence Examples with the word Elongating

Amongst indefinite forms the simplest occurs when a lateral shoot produced in the axil of a large single foliage leaf of the plant ends in a single flower, the axis of the plant elongating beyond, as in Veronica hederifolia, Vinca minor and Lysimachia nemorum.

The root hairs grow out from the cells of the piliferous layer immediately behind the elongating tegion.

This is owing to the elongating region (in which proto.

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The apex in this case will describe a circle, or rather a spiral, as it is elongating all the time, pointing to all points of the compass in succession.

The heat makes itself evident by raising the temperature and therefore elongating the wire, whilst the magnetic field creates mechanical forces which act on pieces of iron or other conductors conveying electric currents when placed in proximity to the conductor in question.