Sentence Examples with the word Eloge

Besides the works already mentioned, de Gerando left many others, of which we may indicate the following: - Considerations sur diverses methodes d'observation des peoples sauvages (Paris, 1801); Eloge de Dumarsais, - discours qui a remporte le prix propose par la seconde classe de l'Institut National (Paris, 1805); Le Visiteur de pauvre (Paris, 1820); Instituts du droit administratif (4 vols., Paris, 1830); Cours normal des instituteurs primaires ou directions relatives a l'education physique, morale, et intellectuelle dans les ecoles primaires (Paris, 1832); De l'education des sourds-muets (2 vols., Paris, 1832); De la bienfaisance publique (4 vols., 1838).

The chief authority for his life is the Eloge written by Frederick the Great (printed in Assezat's ed.

Bataille, Eloge historique de M.

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In 1812 he gained a prize from the Academy with an eloge on Montaigne.

In 1783 he was crowned by the academy of Nancy for his Eloge de la poesie, and in 1788 by that of Metz for an Essai sur la regeneration physique et morale des Juifs.

His eloge was written for the French Academy by the marquis de Condorcet, and an account of his life, with a list of his works, was written by Von Fuss, the secretary to the Imperial Academy of St Petersburg.

De C. Condorcet, Eloge de Roberval (Paris, 1773): J.

His abilities were shown in an Eloge de Charles VII., which was crowned by the Academie de Nimes in 1820, and a memoir on Les Institutions de Saint Louis, which in 1821 was crowned by the Academic des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres.

In 1773 Necker won the prize of the Academie Frangaise for an eloge on Colbert, and in 1775 published his Essai sur la legislation et le commerce des grains, in which he attacked the free-trade policy of Turgot.

There is an eloge of James Darmesteter in the Journal asiatique (1894, vol.