Sentence Examples with the word Elliott

Some modern critics have accepted this disclaimer as of real value, but in fact it has no significance; and Hume himself in a striking letter to Gilbert Elliott indicated the true relation of the two works.

Dr Elliott Smith, who has examined thousands pf skeletons and mummies of all periods, finds that the prehistoric population of Upper Egypt, a branch of the North African-MediterraneanArabian race, changed with the advent of the dynasties to a stronger type, better developed than before in skull and muscle.

Pearls are found in the state, especially in the Cumberland River, and it is supposed that there are diamonds in the kimberlite deposits in Elliott county.

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See Elliott Coues, Monograph on North American Fur-bearing Animals (r 877).

For the following description, chiefly taken from the American form (though almost equally applicable to that of Europe) we are mainly indebted to Dr Elliott Coues's Fur-bearing Animals of North America, 1877.

The principal cemeteries are Elmwood (Protestant) and Mount Elliott (Catholic), which lie adjoining in the E.

In 1827, with Stephen Elliott (1771-1830), the naturalist, he founded the Southern Review, of which he was the sole editor after Elliott's death until 1834, when it was discontinued, and to which he contributed articles on law, travel, and modern and classical literature.

We thought everything was arranged: but we found Monday that Mrs. Elliott would not be willing to let us invite more than fifty people, because Mrs. Howe's house is quite small.

Constitutional and administrative problems are discussed in Elliott Anthony's Constitutional History of Illinois; Greene's The Government of Illinois, and H.

The following description by Dr Elliott Coues of the American marten (M.