Sentence Examples with the word Ella

According to the traditional account given in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, it was in 477 that a certain Ella (IElle) led the invaders ashore at a place called Cymenes ora and defeated the inhabitants.

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The date of its first settlement is quite unknown, but the first king of whom we have any record is Ella or ZElle, the father of Edwin, who is said to have been reigning about 585.

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Morosi, IOdierno dialetto catalano di Alghero in Sardegna, in, the Miscellanea di filologia dedicate ella memoria dci Prof. Caix e Canello (Florence, 1885), and F.

Before ZEthelberht a similar position had been held by the West Saxon king Ceawlin, and at a much earlier period, according to tradition, by Ella or ZElle, the first king of Sussex.

The most important works on the monuments are: Flandin et Coste, Voyage en Perse (6 vols., 1840 sqq.); Texier, LArmnie, La Perse, ella Mesopotamie (2 vols., 1842); Stolze, Persepolis (2 vols., 1882); Sarre, Iranische Felsreliefs (1908).

A further battle at a place called Mearcredes burne is recorded under the year 485, and in the annal for 491 we read that Ella and Cissa his son sacked Anderida and slew all the inhabitants.

EDWIN,' 'AEDUINI or EDIVINE (585-633), king of Northumbria, was the son of Ella of Deira.