Sentence Examples with the word Eliza

In 1858 he had married Eliza Roscoe, a cousin of his first wife; she died early in 1897, and Hutton's own death followed on the 9th of September of the same year.

Living in the Netherlands he became very intimate with Eliza beth's envoy, Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, but he failed to get assistance for renewing the war either from the English queen or in any other quarter.

EMILY ANNE ELIZA SHIRREFF (1814-1897), English pioneer in the higher education for women, was born on the 3rd of November 1814, the daughter of a rear-admiral.

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See also Memoirs of Sir Philip Francis, with Correspondence and Journals, by J oseph Parkes and Herman Merivale (2 vols., London, 1867); The Francis Letters, edited by Beata Francis and Eliza Keary (2 vols., London, 1901); Sir J.

For the last eight years of his life after this sudden leap out of obscurity we have a faithful record of Sterne's feelings and movements in letters to various persons, published in 1 775 by his sole child and daughter, Lydia Sterne de Medalle, and in the Letters from Yorick to Eliza (1766-1767), also published in 1775.

His wife, Helen Eliza Benson, died in 1876.

He married during the same year Eliza McCardle (1810-1876), much his superior by birth and education, who taught him the common school branches of learning and was of great assistance in his later career.

They had no children, but adopted an orphaned daughter of Mrs Eliza Garnaut, a friend, and this young girl (afterwards the wife of George W.

For detailed accounts of his life see Eliza Metyeard, Life of Wedgwood (1865-1866); Jewitt, Life of Wedgwood (1865); Rathbone, Old Wedgwood (1893); Church, Josiah Wedgwood: Master-Potter (1894; new ed., 1903); Burton, History and Description of English Earthenware and Stoneware (1904); J.

In 1833 he married Eliza B.