Sentence Examples with the word Elise

The scent of burnt metal and flesh soon followed, then chaos as Elise and Dan moved away from her, each going in the opposite direction under the cover of smoke.

That's a big deal, Elise continued.

The doctor ignored her, and Elise left.

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Both Elise and the Guardian were grim about the world outside the compound, and neither explained exactly why.

He'd begun to like Elise even more since spending time with her.

Mike obeyed, and they walked through the myriad of tunnels until Elise began grumbling about the distance and Brady became disoriented.

He'll be replacing Elise as your current roommate for the time being.

Dan dropped beside him, followed by Elise and the other members of their team.

She felt like a flower next to a tree and stared, hoping Elise didn't take his offer seriously.

Brady and Elise exchanged a grim look.