Sentence Examples with the word Elisabeth

If he only had some assurance Elisabeth would accept his vampirism.

Connor had decided to tell his parents they were going away for the holiday and Elisabeth didn't want to deal with any family issues on her first Christmas with Jackson.

She asked Elisabeth if she had a date and venue in mind yet.

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They said their goodbyes, and then Jackson and Elisabeth walked to the stable.

With your blessing, I plan to ask Elisabeth to marry me.

He was really more concerned about explaining things to Elisabeth than anything else.

As he turned away, he noted Elisabeth watching, and gave her an exaggerated wink.

His mother, Elisabeth Santi-Lomaca, whose sister was grandmother of Louis Adolphe Thiers, was a Greek.

Sneering at Jackson in disgust, Victor stood in front of Elisabeth and began hitting her, first with open hand and then backhand, sending her head flailing from side to side.

She grabbed his shoulders, gyrated a bit and squealed, No, Jackson and Elisabeth are.