Sentence Examples with the word Elevator

He stood, glancing toward the elevator where Justin had disappeared.

The elevator door opened and he stepped inside, swallowed by its stainless steel walls.

He led her into a small, grey elevator that plunged quickly to the depths beneath the mountain.

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She drove up to the elevator entrance on the side of the draw.

She trailed him to an elevator that took them even further underground.

The elevator is placed at the railway station, and is usually owned by the bonanza farmer.

He darted off the elevator and down the hall, stopping in front of her apartment.

In most modern refineries the cisterns are so arranged that the spent char falls on to a travelling band and is conducted to an elevator which carries it up to the drying floor of the charcoal kiln.

The When the box-wagons reach the elevator the loosing of returns.

Machines used for lifting only are not called cranes, but winches, lifts or hoists, while the term elevator or conveyor is commonly given to appliances which continuously, not in separate loads, move materials like grain or coal in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction (see Conveyors).