Sentence Examples with the word Elevate

This method rivals in elegance all other methods; problems are investigated by purely algebraic means, and generalizations discovered which elevate the method to a position of paramount importance.

Meanwhile, and throughout his long episcopate of thirty-two years, he foreshadowed the zeal and the enlightened policy later to be displayed in the prolonged period of his pontificate, building and restoring many churches, striving to elevate the intellectual as well as the spiritual tone of his clergy, and showing in his pastoral letters an unusual regard for learning and for social reform.

A bourgeoise herself, it was Sigbrit's constant policy to elevate and extend the influence of the middle classes.

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About 1350 she went to Rome, partly to obtain from the pope the authorization of the new order, partly in pursuance of her self-imposed mission to elevate the moral tone of the age.

This was the first serious effort made in the United States to elevate secondary education to the plane on which it belonged.

There are moreover many traces of conflicting ideas and ideals, of cruder beliefs and customs, and of attempts to remove or elevate them.

Boccaccio carried his admiration for Petrarch to the point of worship, Petrarch repaid him with sympathy, counsel in literary studies, and moral support which helped to elevate and purify the younger poet's oversensuous nature.

Indeed there are, or have been, systematists who would elevate the jays to the rank of a family Garrulidae - a proceeding which seems unnecessary.

From experiments made with this model, Penaud calculates that one horse-power would elevate and support 85 lb.

This is an argument for employing four wings in artificial flight, - the wings being so arranged that the two which are up shall always by their fall mechanically elevate the two which are down.