Sentence Examples with the word Eleaticism

In the Parmenides reconstruction predominates over criticism - the letter of Eleaticism being here represented by Zeno, its spirit, as Plato conceived it, by Parmenides.

In all probability Zeno did not observe that in his controversial defence of Eleaticism he was interpreting Parmenides's teaching anew.

On the relations of Eleaticism and Platonism, see W.

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To say that the Platonism of Plato's later years, the Platonism of the Parmenides, the Philebus and the Timaeus, is the philosophy of Parmenides enlarged and reconstituted, may perhaps seem paradoxical in the face of the severe criticism to which Eleaticism is subjected, not only in the Parmenides, but also in the Sophist.

For histories of philosophy and other works upon Eleaticism see PARMENIDES.

With the severance of its two members Eleaticism proper, the Eleaticism of Parmenides, ceased to exist.